St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
1035 Old River Rd.
Birdsboro, PA 19508
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How to Join Scouting

  • Come visit us at a meeting. We meet each Monday at 6:30pm at St. John's Church.
    No committment neeeded. Just check out what we have to offer your family.
  • If you are ready to sign up, head over to and apply online.
    You can find Pack and Troop 529 near zip codes of 19508 and 19606.

Frequently Asked Questions

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ABSOLUTELY. We would love to meet you.
Compared to many youth activities, scouting is a real bargain. The yearly national registration fee is $40. If you join in the fall, you only pay 20-30 dollars since it is pro-rated. In addition, every troop and pack has monthly dues which cover awards the scout receives and activities. These vary but are $10 per month for our pack and $20 per month for the troop. If you have multiple scouts in the troop, we offer a discount. There are additional fees for camp and some activities, as determined by the pack and troop committee (a group of parents)
Yes. The Pack and Troop encourage scouts to help to pay their own way - a scout is thrifty. A portion of the returns to most fundraisers is assigned to the scout who earns it so that the scout can use the funds to pay for summer camp, uniform or other scouting expenses.
Both Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA wear a uniform. It makes us part of a group and identifies us to the community. Cub Scouts are responsible for a uniform shirt and belt. The neckerchief and slide will be provided and we do not require cub scouts to purchase uniform bottoms (though they may be worn if you like). The Scouts BSA uniform is composed of the shirt, olive pants or shorts, belt and socks. Uniforms can be purchased at the Hawk Mountain Council scout shop on Route 61 or at the Army-Navy store in Pottstown.
The BSA is very careful and takes youth protection very seriously. Every adult leader undergoes a background check. Since we are in Pennsylvania, every adult volunteer or person interacting with youth also has a state police criminal background check, a child-line child abuse clearance check, and if they have live in PA less than 10 years, an FBI background check. In addition, our scout council has a mandatory training policy so that every adult leader must complete training for their position so that the program is operated safely and in accordance to all national policies. The BSA follows a mandatory 'no one on one contact' and 'two deep leadership' requirement meaning that no adult is ever alone with a scout. This includes phone and text conversations as well. The Guide to Safe Scouting specifies the requirements to engage in any activity and stipulates the requirements for qualified supervision.