Eagle Scouts

32) Andrew Taylor (01/31/2017)
Project: Outdoor swing at High Point Camp, Geigertown, PA
Where is he now: Attending Twin Valley High School.  ACTIVE: Troop Instructor

31) Benjamin Wilder (2016)
Project: Outdoor classroom, steps, and trail at Owatin Creek Elementary Center, Reading (Exeter), PA
Where is he now: Attending Moravian College.  ACTIVE: Unit College Scouter Reserve

30) Nathaniel Piekos (07/07/2015)
Project: Outdoor classroom and bird boxes, Robeson Elementary Center, Birdsboro, PA
Where is he now: Attending Weidner University.  ACTIVE: Unit College Scouter Reserve

29) Jacob Ewing (11/12/2013)
Project: Trail clearing and wildlife habitat improvements, Shady Hollow Assisted Riding, Birdsboro, PA
Where is he now: Attending Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.  ACTIVE: Unit College Scouter Reserve

28) Benjamin Ewing (07/01/2013)
Project: St. Paul's U.M. Cemetery Inventory/Mapping Project, Geigertown, PA
Where is he now: Attending Millersville State University.  ACTIVE: Unit College Scouter Reserve

27) Andrew Crew (03/10/2011)
Project: Luminaria Bags at Pottstown Relay for Life, Pottsgrove High School, Pottstown, PA.
Where is he now: Working.  

26) Justin Weld (07/14/2010)
Project: Landscaping at St. John's Lutheran Church, Gibraltar.
Where is he now: Working in the Exeter, PA area.

25) Kyle D. Witman (07/14/2010)
Project: Cleanup and new flag pole at St. Stephen's Polish National Cemetery, Kenhorst, PA
Where is he now: Attending DeSales University.

24) Jonathan Carl (03/24/2010)
Project: Flagpole and landscaping at High Point Camp, Geigertown.
Where is he now: Working in the Exton, PA area. ACTIVE - Assistant Scoutmaster.

23) David Kocher (01/19/2010)
Project: Entrance sign and landscaping at St. John's Church, Gibraltar.
Where is he now: Working in the Morgantown area.

22) Andrew Lee (2008)
Where is he now: Chef, Philadelphia.

21) Patrick Pomian (10/22/2007)
Project: Memory Garden, St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Birdsboro.
Where is he now: Working in the US Navy.

20) Matthew McKeon (08/17/2007)
Project: Labarynth and reflecting area at St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church, Douglasville.
Where is he now:  Working in the Reading area. ACTIVE - Assistant Scoutmaster.

19) Mark Petersen (06/28/2007)
Project: Replacement of flag pole and landscaping/beautification of surrounding area.
Where is he now:  Unknown

18) Matt Howell-Clark (12/19/2005)
Project: Bleacher painting and park beautification at Exeter Community Park.
Where is he now: Lebanon Valley College graduate.  Residing in Nashville, TN.

17) Erik Eddy (10/24/2005)
Project: Permanent orienteering course at Ridley Creek State Park . 
Where is he now: Working in the Reading area.

16) Jim Ruland (08/18/2003)
Project: Site Cleanup and safety signage at Trap Rock public rock climbing site. 
Where is he now: Last known attending Penn State University.

15) Christopher McCarty (03/11/2003)
Project: Introduction to Orienteering Event - Engelman's Park.
Where is he now: Kutztown University graduate in Biology, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

14) Jon Prine (05/20/2002)
Project: Advanced permanent orienteering course - Daniel Boone Homestead. 
Where is he now: Penn State University graduate in Actuary. Employed in Ithica, NY.

13) David McCarney (08/13/2001)
Project: Build nature trail at Robeson Elementary School and write up guide book for use in classroom instruction. 
Where is he now: Clarkson University graduate, Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering.  Employed by Dassault Falcon Jet, Arkansas.

12) Matt Prine (07/08/2000)
Project: Re-modeling of Sunday School classrooms at 1st Baptist Church, Reading, PA.
Where is he now: Penn State University graduate in Industral Engineering.  Employed by Enersys, Reading, PA.

11) Terence Lovell (03/02/1998)
Project: Building pavilion for a group campsite at French Creek State Park.  Where is he now: Former U.S. Marine Corp (Avionics). 
Where is he now: Attending Penn State University for Electonics.

10) John Arters (07/29/1996)
Project: Building dugouts for the ball field at the Gibraltar Playground. 
Where is he now: Attending Reading Area Community College for Business.

9) Richard Linsky (09/18/1995)
Project: Clearing of land and design and installation of a tot lot at his home church near Mohnton, PA. 
Where is he now: Drexel University graduate in Architectural Design.

8) Isaac Karasin (10/10/1994)
Project: Clearing and trail drainage maintenance of the Thun Trail, a local Rails-To-Trails project.
Where is he now: Brandeiss University Graduate in History.  Berkely Law School Graduate.  Lives in Boston, MA.

7) Ryan Jones (09/19/1994)
Project: Restoration and beautification of the Gibraltar War Veteran's Memorial in front of Gibraltar Playground.  U.S. Army (Mechanic), Served in Iraq War, 2 ours of duty.
Where is he now: Working at Fort Indiantown Gap in helicopter sheet metal repair.  ACTIVE - Committee Member.

6) Edwin Stallman III (10/18/1993)
Project: Researched and installed a rubble reef and fish spawning habitats in Hopewell Lake, French Creek State Park. 
Where is he now: Millersville State University graduate in Tech. Ed.  Teaching at Boyertown Area School District.

5) G. Frank Arters, IV (03/08/1993)
Project: Installed a handicap accessible 'turnpike' over a marshy area of trail near Hopewell Lake, French Creek State Park. 
Where is he now: Works for G. Frank Arters trucking firm.  ACTIVE - Committee Member.

4) Chris Bitler (09/02/1982)
Project: Re-painting of the Gibraltar Playground pavilion and various other playground pieces.
Where is he now: Penn State University graduate in Accounting.  Officer in U.S. Navy in Operation Desert Storm aboard the U.S.S. Caron Missile Cruiser.
Where is he now: Presently working as an accountant in New Jersey.

3) Scott Duesterhoeft (02/18/1981)
Project: Researched, mapped, plotted, and recorded all tombstones in the old unmapped section of St John's U.C.C. Church Cemetery to assist in locating graves. The map and indexed listing was presented to the Church for their records. 
Where is he now: Working for AMP, Inc in Harrisburg, PA.  Studying for the Ministry.

2) Francis Kiedeisch (02/17/1978)
Project: Built and installed two picnic tables and a welcome sign across from the Gibraltar Playground to act as a road-side rest area for passing motorists. 
Where is he now: Works for Teleflex, Inc, in Reading, PA.  Living in Oley, PA.

1) Timothy Abright (11/21/1977)
Project: Designed and made available for distribution, a Welcome Wagon brochure for the Township of Robeson, listing all local businesses, recreation areas, stores, community services, etc. 
Where is he now: Consultant. Total Operations Consulting, Tompkins Associates.  Studying for the Ministry.